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Welcome to our Relationship course!

Starts 23rd January... Don't worry if you can't make the date there will one on every month...

Throughout the months there will be courses running covering issues regarding relationships

What will be covered? Well this is what has been asked for so far, there will be tips for solutions too... 


  • Marrying, Attracting and Romancing!
  • How to enjoy quality time with the people you want to, when you want to?
  • What is the secret to becoming the happiest you've ever been in your life with my relationship?
  • Can you attract the right person into your life?
  • Why are you attracting the wrong relationships?
  • All this and much more will be unveiled in my new program, no more wishing...It will be done!

Each class will start at 8pm, after the class you will have exclusive access to the Inner-self Alignment Program group where you will find premium information so you can continue to learn for the rest of the month bringing you closer to your permanent life changes ... I will be active in there and you can post questions and interact with each other  sharing your achievements and any areas you may need more help with.... 

There will also be courses on Weight Issues and Inner-Self Alignment... Sign up to all three and SAVE an amazing 20%