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One-to-one sessions are available if you prefer a private reading.


Each session will help you discover your purpose.


With an inner-self single session, you will be taken on a HUMAN ·BLUEPRINT journey - from the beginnings of your inner core seed to growing into your coded purpose.


On this HUMAN ·BLUEPRINT journey you will:

  • Discover where you are right now
  • Release the struggles that life may be causing
  • Clear any blockages or complexities bringing you clarity and simplicity in life

    Discovering where you are right now:

    This entails the use of profound techniques.

    Often when we are overwhelmed, we cannot determine where we are in life, due to blockages or the stresses of daily life.


    This will be dealt with in the very first session.


    Release the struggles that life may be causing:

    This session involves me listening to your unspoken words.

    Your energy speaks in a hidden language that I am trained to understand.

    This releases any anxiety you may feel - there is no need to feel embarrassment, shame or guilt about releasing any inner thoughts


    Clear any blockages or complexities:

    To reach your true potential, any blockages or complexities must be released.

    Feelings of being overwhelmed come from inner noise and chatter.

    It is essential that we learn how to take control of the energy that creates it.