NES Health Nutrition and Environment report.

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Our NES Provision state of the art analysis software is a Health Assessment tool that picks up on the human body-field to identify the bio-energetic and bio-informational distortions that may underlie physical and emotional issues. This mini report will identify the nutrition your body is struggling to absorb and metabolise and the environmental toxins that maybe polluting your system causing symptoms such as low energy, inflammation, bloating, weight issue and much more. By simply placing your hand on our non-invasive scanning device, the software returns more than 150 results detailing graphic representations that include:

  • Major organ and organ systems • Nutritional influences • Musculoskeletal system • Emotions including trauma and shock • Environmental Influences such as toxins and electro-magnetic fields (EMF’s)

Our non-invasive body scan distinguishes the ‘ROOT CAUSE’ of your underlying health issues.The body is then re-balanced allowing your body to go back to its natural self-healing ability.