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The Clear Wheel Transformation (money wheel) is the Wheel of abundance and prosperity. It opens access to a higher level of existence. 

It's a cosmic magnet and attracts financial prosperity. Under the direction and guidance of this Clear Transformation Wheel of Genesis instructions are given to the carrier from the Octaves of Light. This cosmic cycle provides an avenue for the expression of dynamic energy. It allows you to transfer the activities of the Higher Octaves to the visible manifested planes. By wearing this Wheel you will have entrusted a great responsibility. Qualities such as enthusiasm, inner strength and vitality are associated with this Clear Transformation Wheel.

These selected Bio-Genesis jewelry instruments are all handmade by one of the finest artisans in Europe therefore please allow between 14-21 days for delivery. We will however always try to have your precious chosen item ready for you sooner if possible which is often the case. They can be worn as normal jewelry on a beautiful silver chain (sold as another option as seen in our shop)

All our Pendants can be sold with or without silver chain and silver chain hanger, please select your preference before going to the check out lounge (with chain comes complete with silver chain hanger, without is Pendant only) Some silver chain hangers and silver chains may be different from image but will be of the same high quality.

Attention: bio-energetic products as shown in the description assume your mental and physical well-being contributions are in a state of clear understanding and that you will not hesitate to contact us if you require further information and clarification before you purchase. Healing is not guaranteed in any way. In diseases or treatments for diseases we ask you to turn to a qualified therapist or doctor. None of these products in any way, replace a visit to a doctor or psychologist.