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A reading that reveals everything you need to empower and improve your life! identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions 

An analysis of the energies in your Birth Date based on Sacred Geometry


We are all energy! So why not treat our mind that is so often stressed out with coping with everyday life with energy?  
The Human Blueprint helps to reset your mind by using in an incredible system which has been further developed from my training 9 years ago as a Human Pin-Code Practitioner, studies at University and constant delving into the ancient mysteries unknown to media.
The Human Blueprint reveals the vibration frequency we are born with... Whilst analysing thousands of Human Blueprints to date I have discovered that this vibration is often out of tune in the majority of us due to the many reasons i have identified ... Our frequency is a magnet hence it is call an Electromagnetic Field (EMF) so if we are out of alignment with our inner-self we attract lots of situations in our life which are mostly unwelcome. Some of these range from, illnesses, relationships and what people deem as bad luck, causing us to feel constantly unwell, lacking in energy, depressed and fed up to name a few.
With only one question “What is your Date of Birth” I will tell you things I could not possibly know about you, revealing your frequency, how out of tune you are and i give you your tools to reset and tune in to your own inner-self and your strengths, empowering you to make life changing choices.
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A personal analysis can be done either in a physical one to one consultation, house parties of around 6 people or via Skype or telephone.