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Start date September 26th 2018

What are you holding on to?

How do you change your frequency?

Do you say "I just can't afford it right now"?


You will not change anything in your life unless you...

Fully understand how you are where you are right now,

If you do not put some work in yourself

And you will not change anything in your life if you are not ready to make those positive changes and perhaps even lose some of the people in your life that do not enhance it... So let’s break these questions down


First question - What are you holding on to?

When starting out on the journey to find your true self, fear, judgement, embarrassment or just not being able to find your words to explain how you really feel are just some of the reasons we all have for not being able to get started on something. 

Fear! That word alone is a book in itself because there are so many different emotions within it. However from my experience fear of the truth is the front runner when approaching personal development and health issues. I have heard people say "I would rather not know" this does not make it go away in fact it can have a huge impact on you and your family and can attract people and situations into your life that you do not want, more than any other energy, it is also one of the causes of some of the major chronic diseases.

Judgement, this keeps you in your own prison, you end up trapping yourself because of what you believe others will think of you.

Embarrassment, creates another version of you, a mask that keeps you hidden from the world that you think doesn’t know what you are hiding, and you take on an EGO to cover up your believed feelings of shame.

Not being able to find your words of how you really feel, causes suppression which can cause depression another major health risk which has doctors prescribing anti-depressants daily.

Second question – How do you change your frequency?

This is the most common question I get asked! There are so many workshops, courses and lots of information out there that it is hard not to get confused. Frequencies need to be understood like anything else in order to change them. I have a unique way of explaining this that has a mix of humour and sincerity... 

The inner-self Alignment Masterplan took over two years for me to develop and prepare, it has been trialled and tested on case studies with outstanding results.

There are nine steps to the process – these steps are for an hour a week and your date of birth is required before commencing. Why do I require your date of birth? Having your date of birth gives me essential detail about the vibration you were born with, within that vibration there are frequencies that you have access to. My profound Human Blueprint system allows me to see what you are using and what you have available to you and much more. This is vital to having any chance of changing your frequency. For instance if you do not know what you were born with or what you are using right now then how can you change it?

When you embark on this journey it is a mine field but one thing is for sure whatever your frequency is right now will determine what you receive. Those of you that are excited and ready to change and grow will, with the right person for you.

There will be information throughout my workshop that you will never hear on social media from me or others, this is because the information or videos that really help you get blocked or removed. Have you come across some YouTube videos where they ask you to watch before it gets removed? I see them quite often, in my opinion these are the ones you should listen to. Anything of importance that you should know will be hidden from you as best as it can!

However this will one day change as the Universe is in its eighth phase now! In this phase we will see lots of exposure!

If it is not ethical it will be exposed...This phase is believed to last for another 5 years so now is the best time to align with yourself and the only way to do that is to work on our frequencies by tuning into the best part of ourselves that exists within us so we can withstand the chaos that is going on around us right now.

The Inner-self Alignment Masterplan has the tools to help you!


The workshop will help you recognise the thoughts coming from your subconscious mind

Your view point is based on your beliefs that do not belong to you, the Masterplan will identify the beliefs that are sabotaging you and alternative solutions will be created.

Old patterns and habits will be identified and replaced with new ones.

You will be given your own personal frequency to work on in a private message, you choose whether you wish to share with the group or keep it to yourself, the latter will not affect you or inhibit you in anyway.

Your experience can be as private or open as you like.


Third question Do you say “I just can’t afford it right now”?

Can you afford not to invest in yourself?

Can you afford to miss out on a chance to change how money flows in or out of your life? Because if the reason is financial and you are unable do workshops that will help you or you are unable to spend money on the things that enhance your life then changing the frequency of lack is surely a priority?

Can you afford not to increase the chances of declining health or the right people staying and or coming into your life in relationships, work, and family?

Money is energy and in order for it to stay it needs to be directed to the right place just like our energy. If it is spent on things that do not add real value to you and your life or serve you in a positive way it will disappear.

The question is what will you spend your money on? Things that will enhance your life for positive growth so you can bring money into your life much easier or things that will keep you in lack because you have the wrong frequency to attract more?

The choice is yours!

Places for the workshop are limited to ensure everyone has a frequency change therefore early sign up is recommended.

There is an early bird special offer which includes a free Human Blueprint reading worth £75 plus the first three sessions free worth £180 and a further half price discount on the remaining six sessions. The offer is only applicable for payments in full by the early bird deadline. PROMOTION CODE is required.

These workshops are one of a kind! They will reveal the unexpected! They will make permanent changes if you follow the process!

The reason I have decided to run these workshops is because I am constantly asked by people and I agree it is too big of a subject to just keep reading about, watching videos and listening to talks without interaction. There needs to be more conversation and real life scenarios to help you unravel the mystery that surrounds the inevitable changes in the way we live our life!

You will not only get to align with your true vibration you will discover your inner-self and get to know what to do with it...

Some of the areas covered in the Inner-self Alignment Masterplan workshop for the frequency change are:

  • Energy Vampires! How do we stop them from draining us?
  • The Entangled You
  • Why we over think and worry?
  • How do we stay in control of things that don't go the way we want them to (go wrong?)
  • Why do we lose confidence and how do we bring it back? 
  • Why do we rely on others opinions so much? 
  • Why should we want to align with our inner-self?
  • Why do I feel depressed?
  • How do we change our frequency?


  • You'll know how to get out of your own way
  • You'll discover what really is your inner-self 
  • You will understand your own energy
  • You'll know how to balance your emotions
  • You'll identify the patterns repeated subconsciously
  • You'll get help to find that needle in the haystack 
  • You'll learn how to build your confidence
  • Have you met your inner-self?  Tips on what to do when it is revealed to you?

Each workshop will be available either online or in an area near you!  During and after the workshop you will have exclusive access to the Inner-self Alignment Masterplan Facebook group where you will find additional information so you can continue to learn for the rest of the coming months bringing you closer to your true self ... I will be active in there and you can post questions and interact with me and each other sharing your achievements and any areas you may need more help with.... 

Finding happiness within yourself will appear once your inner-self is aligned.

Look forward to working with you 

Love and light