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A set of powerful yet subtle techniques designed to re-write the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is present daily in our lives 95% of the time whereas our conscious mind is available only 5% of the time.

Our subconscious is predominantly programmed from 0-7 years old where it observes 40 million bits of information per second leaving the conscious mind observing a mere 40 bits of information per second.

The science around how this effects you has proven evidence that it is your beliefs from others e.g. our parents and their parents and so on that control your life, limiting the expression of your full potential. 

The secret of life is in changing the beliefs that do not belong to you, it is then and only then you will change you life. 

The Body of Secrets system works with you to change the beliefs you hold about your Self - Esteem , Relationships, Prosperity, your Health, Mind, Body and more...It has the power to rewrite one of your core beliefs which is having so much control over your life within one session... These beliefs are stored as secrets throughout your body which are causing havoc in your mind body and spirit...

These secrets are not yours to keep!

Its time to let them go! 

This Body of Secrets system will help you do just that!