Martine Pascal is an Energy and Information Practitioner and Spiritual Life Coach. She has over 25 years’ experience helping others integrate career, relationships, and spirit into everyday life and has recently added a revolutionary TOTAL WELLNESS SYSTEM to her ANSAWELL practice.

Martine believes that each of us have many choices in life to increase the quality of well-being, physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually- however, balancing these areas of our life takes time, willingness, and commitment. She is dedicated to helping others and committed to making a difference in her client's lives.
Martine’s background and professional services include Energy and Information Therapy, Human Pin Code Analysis, Sports Rehabilitation and Exercise and Health Sciences, working with clients psychological imbalances and consciousness awareness; Integrative psycho spiritual counselling, a profound methodology combining dialogue and intuition centered around receiving and revealing the divinity of SOURCE, based on Quantum physics incorporated in the NES Total Wellness System used in her Energy and Information Practice and Sacred Geometry incorporated in the Human Pin Code system; to assist with bringing self-healing power to the human body and an awareness of the personal power -both light and shadow - within each of us.
Martine holds 2 Higher National Diploma’s in University Education.
She is a graduate of the NES Total Wellness System and of the Human Pin Code birth date analysis, a 2-year professional program and completed a further year of case studies additionally for professional practitioners.
Before practicing in Energy and Information Therapy and The Human Pin Code, Martine worked in the private industry in the field of Personal Training furthermore, has spent over 16 years researching Human Development.
Martine has a passion to be a fully enlightened being, her personal pursuit of consciousness and awareness has led to discovering that-everything, whether animate or inanimate has a vibrating energy field which gives it form. When the vibratory rate changes so also do the form - just as ice changes to water which changes to steam with increase in temperature. Over time, small, almost imperceptible changes at the vibratory level of the human body can lead to aberrations which can develop further and eventually manifest as symptoms.
Vibrating energy fields interact with each other either favorably, neutrally, or antagonistically. It is for this reason that foods, medicines, perfumes, jewelry - even people - or other types of matter which the body absorbs, carries, or is near to, can have an adverse effect on physical or emotional well-being.
The above information has had a serendipitous effect on Martine causing a meeting of minds to connect and orchestrate the delivery of the necessary circumstances and tools that led her to the right place at the right time enabling the right connections to enter her life.
In conclusion: Martine now understands using bio-energetic regulatory techniques both ancient and modern, problem areas in the body’s energy field can be detected and treatment methods can be checked for compatibility and effectiveness. Based on her above-mentioned experience, Martine is acutely aware that no two people are identical and that to be effective, healthcare must be truly holistic and tailored to unique personal requirements. Part of Martine’s professional future success will be attributed to the broad spectrum of knowledge and ability to select, integrate, and customize modes of treatment to match each patient or client’s individual physical, emotional, and/or spiritual needs.