We are all energy! So why not treat our ailments, health issues and our mind that is so often stressed out coping with everyday life with energy? Well at AnsaWell that is how founder Martine Pascal is using Energy systems for what she and other specialists believe is the best way of helping people fine tune themselves to a life full of well-being. In fact Martine is an Inner-self Alignment Specialist... For over 25 years she has silently been studying Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry and Human Frequencies.
For the past 6 years Martine has been working with people like you to help them reset using in an incredible system she calls the Human Blueprint which she has further developed from her training 9 years ago as a Human Pin-Code Practitioner, studies at University and constant delving into the ancient mysteries unknown to social media.
The Human Blueprint reveals the vibration frequency we are born with... Martine has discovered that this vibration is often out of tune in the majority of us due to the many reasons she has identified... Our frequency is a magnet hence it is called an Elctro-Magnetic Field (EMF) so if we are out of alignment with our inner-self we attract lots of situations in our life which are mostly unwelcome. Some of these range from, illnesses, relationships and what people deem as bad luck, causing us to feel constantly unwell, lacking in energy, depressed and fed up to name a few.
With only one question “What is your Date of Birth” Martine will tell you things she could not possibly know about you, revealing what your frequency is, how out of tune you are and then gives you your tools to reset and tune in to your own inner-self and your strengths, empowering you to make life changing choices. Her reviews are outstanding!
In addition she is a NES Health Practitioner, a revolutionary technology that has over 30 years of combined research and clinical testing. It is a simple non-invasive body scan which detects our body fields energy and information that operates in the human body at the sub-cellular level. The technology helps to support the body’s own healing mechanism by revealing the root cause of any underlying issues your mind and body may have. Successful case studies have been clinically tested for helping with Weight loss, Sleep, Stress/Anxiety, Energy, Hormone Imbalance, Immunity, Removal of Toxins, In-tolerances/Allergies, Autoimmune Conditions, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many more.
Another treatment she works with is the Ultra Cocoon which is a deep relaxing meditation using Tachyon. This is one of the most effective tools for balancing the body, mind, and spirit. It reduces stress as it harmonises the emotional body. The Personal Cocoon surrounds you in a 3-dimensional, life-enriching sea of Tachyon. The specific placement of all the individual pieces in the Cocoon creates a very powerful, directed flow of Tachyon that facilitates profound balance and transformation. The Tachyonized Personal Cocoon is one of the most popular products because of its profound effect on the whole being.
Martine intends to be the go to practitioner for inner-self alignment as she is always researching complimentary authentic systems, therapies and mindfulness to add to her incredible total wellness system so as to help everyone from wherever their well-being is, as she understands that we are all vibrating at a frequency and that needs to be matched with a frequency treatment best for you for it to be successful.
Give her a call for a free 15 minute friendly chat to see where she can help...