Inner-Self Alignment-One - One sessions over nine weeks

A space within us where our true experiences exist... Each and everyone of us is here to experience things relevant to our own journey, but when we are out of alignment we experience things that are not always meant for us, therefore causing pain, anxiety, stress, illness, bad relationships etc. Until you align with your own experiences the inner-self is calling for then, unfortunately at times chaos can be what you experience throughout your life as you become entangled in the vast energies you encounter along the way.

Thoughts are aligned with our actions and our actions then align to match an experience of that thought!


It wasn't until later on in my life that I realised why my childhood was challenging most of the time!

Over the past twenty five years I have studied in depth how we are effected by many things, and over the past nine years I have had the pleasure of helping many who seek guidance through my Human Blueprint readings which has reached thousands of people. This enabled me to discover patterns that were revealed to me from the various frequencies my clients were tapping into. 

Eventually I was able to put this experience into a system that has provided remarkable achievements with everyone of my clients to date. It became a reality that it was no coincidence and that what I had developed was a mind blowing accurate tooling system that can help people make positive permanent life changes.

The Human Blueprint is your foundation, The Entangled You are your life's possessions that need clearing from time to time to make room for growth, leaving your mind freer to enable that time and space to prioritise, rearrange and reset.

The Inner-self Alignment Masterplan has been developed to help you create the newly designed you, enabling you to tap into the space where you are in control, a space where once you have found it you will never drift away from the foundation again or want to, it is the space where life becomes easier even with the challenges that we must go through to live the experiences we were born to encounter through all types of emotions on your journey.

Think about it like buying a new home, do you really want to take everything with you and clutter it up each time you move? Do you want to stay with the same wallpaper, furniture and flooring forever? Do you leave your garden to over grow allowing the weeds to strangle any flowers that are trying to flourish? 

My work involves tracking your invisible threads via simple techniques which allows me to find them taking your personal development to a new level.

I observe the hidden words that you are unaware of... using the right tools to bring you to your new inner-self home to help you get started on that much needed re-designing of yourself!

Available over Zoom so you can be anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.