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Ignored by Conventional Medicine, but Approved by Albert Einstein

Conventional medicine has never really merged the role of energy into the biological function of the body.

They don’t even acknowledge that these energy fields have an effect … beyond being useful in diagnosing heart problems (EKG) and brain disorders (ECG)

Instead, most doctors today believe that to fix the body’s biology, then you have to change the body’s chemistry … mostly through drugs.

But the bioenergetic approach believes that invisible energy fields have a great influence on physical matter. The great scientist Albert Einstein said …

“The [energy] field is the sole governing agency of the particle [the matter]].”

What this means is: It’s energy through information that instructs each and every cell in your body what to do.

But instructing the cells is a huge task!

That’s because the human body has trillions of cells which perform over a 100,000 biochemical reactions per second. Each action must occur in the right order and at precisely the right time for the body to function properly.




We’re ALL Born with a Perfect Body-Field

Fortunately, every human is born with an amazing self-healing energy blueprint of information that is carried out in the fields of the body. This blueprint is common to all of us and is simply another way to say body-field.

But life’s challenges – stress, diet, environmental poisons or emotional upsets – damage this original blueprint. The energy field is blocked and information to the cells becomes scrambled.

As a result, your body can no longer maintain optimal health and repair itself as nature intended.  So the cells send out distress signals that we often feel as pain or fatigue.

But when energy is surging freely and the body-field is working properly, only then can it provide the right environment for your body to heal itself. Now the body’s biochemistry – which is when the cells are doing what they must do – can function properly.

The result: the body thrives … and energy and wellness are restored.


Author Harry Massey

Video sourced by Martine Pascal

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