The Entangled You

We are all entangled with invisible magnetic threads! 

But where do these threads come from? They are crossing and dancing around you every second of every day in a space you cannot see! By becoming mindful you can work your way through and around them! You can guide your way through life and create experiences that not only enhance your lives but enable you to manage the challenges without them taking a toll on your health and well-being.

Without your health and well-being  life becomes hard work, it presents a lack of fulfilment and seems to bring constant times of  uphill struggles! 

So what can you do about it?

Where do you begin?

How do you find the energy, the motivation and even the time to embark on such a minefield?

Well my work as an Inner-self Alignment Specialist uses the tools I have discovered and further developed to allow you to stop for a moment to really listen to yourself because from there you can arrive at a place to view your truth at that moment and from there a space appears, in that space you get to differentiate which part of your mind is taking centre stage in that moment! is it your subconscious mind, conscious minds or super conscious mind AKA HIGHER SELF? 

Through my ability to track words, unscramble energy and find your truth I have created an INNER-SELF ALIGNMENT MASTERPLAN that is making permanent changes to lives for those who just like you didn't know where to start...  

So give me a call or email me to arrange a FREE 15 minute consultation and let's see how it can help you too. 


I had been trying to sell my house for almost two years. There were many people interested in the house but it never seemed to go past the interest. I chose to show them round because I believed that I was the best person for it, having lived in the house for many years and knowing all about it.
I couldn't work out why nobody made an offer to buy it despite telling me how much they liked it.
Then I had a reading from Martine, she checked my Human blueprint and told me to distance myself from the house. She suggested somethings I should do, of which I was reluctant, nevertheless I went through with her recommendations which I now realise involved me getting out of my own way. I followed her instructions and had an offer for the house a week after I gave it to an estate agent again. I am currently waiting to exchange contracts. I am convinced that I would still have been looking for a buyer had I not taken Martine's advice. Martine managed to reset my vibrational frequencies and aligned me with my Inner-self to enable the sale of my house to go through. I can't thank Martine enough for her help and recommend her Human Blueprint readings as a must for everyone.

Anna Morgan

"I can't believe how accurate Martine is when she does her reading. How minute details jump out at you, and make you think, and how she helps you realise your strengths and how to get the best from yourself and situations. It is thanks to Martine that i had the courage to set up my increasingly popular HydroVeg Kit business and create a new chapter in my life. Martine also helped me deep effectively with issues which were stopping my progress All sorted now and time to move onward and upward. 

Sue Tonks - Public Speaker

I am so glad I have found this treatment and Martine, it's helped me on so many levels, mainly clearing past emotional traumas and negative energy. I am definitely a much lighter happier person for having stuck with the process

Karina Jadhav (Owner of Menagerie Manchester))

I can honestly say the Blue Print reading I had with Martine answered so many questions that had been hanging over me, unknowingly, for years. It gave me clarity and I now have a deeper understanding of myself. The big difference this has made to the way I see things is so incredibly helpful. It's as if someone turned on a light and cleared a path for me to move forward in my life. I can't thank Martine enough! Changes are happening already!

Richenda Wistow

If I said that Martine's life cycle analysis and personality profiling was "Spookily accurate", it would actually be an understatement. She has really helped me to see what has been happening in my relationships and how my life is unfolding. I feel I can move forward now, not only with clarity...but also with confidence in myself to deal the challenges i'm facing and I can come out the otherside much better off.
What I like most about Martine is she pulls no punches and says it how it is. She is not a Dubious Psychic and will not just tell you what you want hear, she will push you into your shadow, help you face it and then direct you back to your light.
Her NES Health system is just incredible too and I seriously recommend you try this out for yourself!

Chris McDermott