Martine comes highly recommended, Why?? Because she is spot on! I am an astrology fan and boy does this method give a very direct reading. I loved it on the day and I've just listened to it again and I love it even more! I gainfully took on board what seemed the priority at the time, which has helped immensely btw for example; being more aware of my 100% masculine energy and how to just pull back a bit so as not to seem too driven when relating to others and words of advice around giving others' the tools to help themselves instead of doing everything for them to only be at the beckon call, really useful stuff, it's the stuff that makes you feel more complete and less drained! I've been listening to the recording again tonight and I now have a few more pointers to be mindful of e.g. what my calling is? It's in the world of 'caring', the penny didn't fully drop and ring and sing at the time! Plus no-body would ever know i have issues with self-esteem and tbh I feel silly admitting it to others that know me because it's such a shocker to those that see me as a pillar of strength, (and she recognised that too), the two don't seem to go together in people's eyes so it was a relief really to hear somebody confirm to me, what i've known for many years of my life. That's my inner world though and largely that's where it's staying. So it really has been like visiting an old friend, hearing this stuff... I must add it's v.astonishing how it correlates with my astrology chart, the reading Martine gave me highlighted which points are most important thankfully, so often you can get bogged down in your astrology birth chart with there being so many points on it, to look at! Punchy, concise and extremely revealing.... Martine is extremely engaging. I really respect her skill of picking up the nuances of my voice. you'll experience her active listening too, as she picks up from your voice, the subtext of what you are truly saying. Great skills, this person is a true professional! Thanks Martine!!! Thank you so much from my heart. I wish you all the best :-)

Pheobe Salter (Public Speaker Derby}

WOW.... What a fabulous experience. For me its about being 'honest, open & real' i asked for this and i truly received probably one of the most profound readings ever from both Wes & Martine. Yes they both provided readings so accurate, timely and dynamic. Numerology and all the pin coding of the variety of levels of them reaching our psyche through their numerology methods is stunningly 'enlightening and empowering'. I provided the date of birth of a friend too to assist in advanced guidance on our relationship connection. If you are looking to learn more of yourself, of another person in or out of your life -friendship, relationships, an admirer and family relationships i suggest you get intouch with Wes and Martine. I am so grateful for their wisdom and guidance which backes up the numerology psyche readings. Thank you very much with all my heart. I feel a better person having met you guys. Keep on doing what you do. Xxxxx

Di Mitchell (Expert retreat leader at Wonderful World of Wellbeing)

What a great experience. So impressed with Martine's insight and the accuracy of the reading, I am taking away some powerful insights and tools. Highly recommend it and I will definitely have another session soon.

Dawn Dyer (Director and Founder of 3SL Consulting)

I had a wonderful experience with Martine at the "Mind, Body & Soul" event. On Friday I had my "Pin code" read (I had never even heard of this before) but I was totally amazed by the amount of "spot on" information that Martine was able to relay back to me. Having this "Pin code" read, I feel gave me a lot of insight and clarity into what path I am meant to be taking for my future. It enlightened me and I feel more inspired. Today with Martine I had a "ULTRA COCOON" treatment. This too was a brand new experience for me, but as i lied there I could feel the different parts of my body being affected by the treatment and when it was over I felt so light. Wonderful experience and I cannot thank this beautiful lady enough. Thanks for making my weekend one to remember. I would recommend Martine and her treatments to anyone. Much Love & Light. Dawn

Dawn Sandra Lowe

If I said that Martine's life cycle analysis and personality profiling was "Spookily accurate", it would actually be an understatement. She has really helped me to see what has been happening in my relationships and how my life is unfolding. I feel I can move forward now, not only with clarity...but also with confidence in myself to deal the challenges i'm facing and I can come out the otherside much better off.
What I like most about Martine is she pulls no punches and says it how it is. She is not a Dubious Psychic and will not just tell you what you want hear, she will push you into your shadow, help you face it and then direct you back to your light.
Her NES Health system is just incredible too and I seriously recommend you try this out for yourself!

Chris McDermott


My mum recommended I speak with Martine and I am so so soooo glad I did. Having someone tell you everything you should already know, but are just not aware of is very eye opening and gives you a very odd sense of calm. I would highly recommend speaking with Martine, the life lesson alone is worth it. I think anyone who is unsure whether this sort of thing would benefit them, I would say just give it a go and you will see how worth while it is:) learning things about yourself that maybe you don't acknowledge as you see them as negatives is actually very liberating and you need to acknowledge them in order to work on them! Martine is wonderful and so easy to talk to, you feel very comfortable with her which makes the experience all the more enjoyable

Robyn Skalsky (Conference Manager at UKIP Media & Events)

I am so glad I have found this treatment and Martine, it's helped me on so many levels, mainly clearing past emotional traumas and negative energy. I am definitely a much lighter happier person for having stuck with the process.

Karina Jadhav (Owner of Menagerie Manchester)

I can honestly say the Blue Print reading I had with Martine answered so many questions that had been hanging over me, unknowingly, for years. It gave me clarity and I now have a deeper understanding of myself. The big difference this has made to the way I see things is so incredibly helpful. It's as if someone turned on a light and cleared a path for me to move forward in my life. I can't thank Martine enough! Changes are happening already!

Richenda Wistow

I am a 47 year old single parent with an almost 21 year old son Rhys.

After Rhys left school he joined Harrogate Foundation Army college and
the week before his 18th birthday he was medically discharged from the army.

Since then (or maybe before) I have always thought Rhys was not participating
in his own life, he was just plodding along with no signs of urgency about
getting a job etc…..

In August this year I was at my wits end thinking Rhys is fast approaching 21 and
still mummy is looking after him, I was very frustrated at this to the point I
decided to put my house up for sale and force Rhys into having his own place
and to start looking after himself as I thought this would help him move forward
in his life and he could stand on his own 2 feet.

Martine said that she would do a consultation on Rhys and that she had this
new body scanning machine and thought it would be good to see why or what
was going on for Rhys.

When we had the consultation with Martine both Rhys and I sat on each other’s
readings as we felt it was important to understand each others personalities etc…

The readings both from our blue print codes and the body scans uncovered
some life changing information that neither Rhys or I would never have known if
Martine had not given us this consultation.

Martine very sensitively had explained to Rhys about his personality and how he comes across to other people and explained a lot of reasons why Rhys was coming up with these challenges and negatives around him, a lot of which he was not his doing but more of what he has been attracting in his life / experiences. For a quick example Rhys thought people were staring at him, but it was actually Rhys body language as
he has 3 bouncers up (eg 3 barriers up) before anyone can get to find out who
Rhys is.. so consequently his body language was giving off the wrong vibrations.
Just this one example has helped Rhys by understanding this he now tries to
smile more at people and he has said that this has defiantly helped him and he has noticed this does not happen as often as previously because he knows it comes from himself.

Martine explained the relationship between Rhys and myself and how Rhys body
was full of blocked energy which was from Rhys being so frustrated and angry due
to issues that had happened throughout his life.
Martine explained very carefully and professionally the challenges we had and why and from this consultation I understood my son for the 1st time in a long time.

I realised that I had been suppressing Rhys so much and not allowing him to grow and
a big part of my blue print is hardworking and controlling.

I could see clearly from the readings both on the blue print and the body readings of both Rhys and myself how we could create a better relationship for us both for the future together.

Rhys starting taking the infoceuticals and literally within days I could see a happier brighter son. I decided not to sell my house but to help Rhys and myself though these problems with compassion and understanding.

Due to the infoceuticals I am sure this released the blocked energy in his body and
consequently gave Rhys a lot of positive energy.

Rhys has been accepted on a college course and has a 2 day a week job role and
he is excited at his future plans.

I can honestly say that without the help of Martine I am sure Rhys and my future would have been disastrous.

There are lots more examples I could give to you and I am willing to share these
With you if you would like to know more.

I would highly recommend this treatment and consultation to any person.

Gayle Owen

Had a very insightful pin code reading from Martine so much so I recommend my partner try it to further gain insight into his life. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Anne-Marie Mayers Owner of Soul Awakening